Revlon Eyeart
Revlon Eyeart fuchsia
Revlon Eyeart shade
Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art Lid+Line+Lash, Fuchsia Flash
Rs 1,150
Eyeshadow Palette
  • Go for glitz with this dream duo for eyes:
  • High-wattage cream eye shadow 
  • Contrasting glitter eye makeup, in one clever tube.
  • One end has vibrant, creamy eye color to wash over your lids as eye shadow or to apply as eyeliner
  • The other end has glitter eye makeup, perfect for gleaming accents and highlights on your lids, for lining your eyes, and even for dabbing along your lashes!
  • It's all about the brushes—the cream eye shadow goes on with a doe-foot tip, while the glitter has a super-skinny brush that makes drawing precise lines (or targeting tiny lash hairs) a cinch
  • Ophthalmologist-tested

How To Use


  • Experiment! Use these cream colors as eye shadow, eyeliner (layer it on for more intensity), and lash highlighter for escalating levels of sparkle
  • Draw a thin line of creamy eye color at the lash line, and use the glitter to add a gleam to the tips of your eyelashes
  • Or, draw a bold line of creamy eye color at the lash line, then use the glitter to light up the inner (or outer) corners of your eyes
  • You can also apply the cream eye shadow all over your lids and use the glitter to define your lash line
  • Really–just have fun!